Jan. 10th, 2006

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Want to hear some amazing news? To bad you have to sit through my not so amazing, yet somewhat good news first. :P

We had a faculty meeting at work tonight...got free chicken and biscuits. Yum! That is very good news. Some more good news is I'm finally part of the centers "Better Togeather" group and I'm part of the faculty regognition "team". (( FYI Better Togeather is basically a group that organizies fundraising and helps increase the teachers morale at work. ))I'm also the chair for the "Sunshine" commitie... This group basically gets the welcoming bags done for new teachers, takes care of passing around the birthday cards to sign and any other cards that need to go out... The ladies in my knitting group thing that will be perfect since I myself am a ray of sunshine. Or so they say... They told me I always brighten up there day.

Now, screw all that...onto the amazing stuff.

At work, as I'm sure Autumn knows, we have to deal with all these side things outside of the classroom where we try to show a good public face and get the parents involved. We are supposed to call them potlucks. I call it free chow. We also have a annual art show and me being the over helpful person that I am helped at all these events.

Well today at the meeting we had a raffle for four gift certificats to a spa in Darien. It's called Chicago Tan & Co. and is right next to Walgreens on 83rd street. Anywho... I WON! Woot! Here is what I get... Now mind you I have to do these in five seperate visits but who cares really?

Visit A: It's About Your Hair

* Hair design consultation
* Deep conditioning treatment
* Scalp massage
* Shampoo, designer cut & style
* Complimentary beverage

Visit B: It's About Your Skin

* Skin analysis
* Customized facial (30mins)
* Cleans, mask, tone, moisturize
* Decoliete massage
* Choice of eyebrow or upper lip wax (this is one I will not be doing...)

Visit C: It's About Massage

* Choice of Aromatherapy, therapeutic, or Swedish body massage (30mins)
* Complimentary beverage

Visit D: It's About Your Hair

* Follow up hair design consultation
Deep conditioning treatment
Scalp massage
* Shampoo, designer cut & style
* Six foil highlights or lowlights
* Compilmentary beverage

Visit E: It's About Your Tan

* 2 FREE tropical tanning sessions
* Complimentary beverage

All I've got to say is Grant better be taking me some where nice after I get all that done. Gotta show off the new 'do' and all!

:: chuckles ::

That reminds me... I just got in the yarn to make Grant's scarf, he loves to watch me knit, claims it amazes him. So he picked out this Lion Brand Yarn...the wool-ease. I like it...got a nice textue to it and is a mixture of dark blues. They call it Denim Twist. I can't wait to get started!


Jan. 10th, 2006 11:40 pm
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I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] nemetfox... Man I miss ya! Hope your doing okay out there!

How evil are you?

Uh...why do these results make me feel like a big ball of fluffy cotten candy?


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