Jan. 6th, 2006

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Will this week ever end? Things have been so crazy at work. We had one preschool teacher out with back problems, another just found out she has a hernia and can't lift much of anything anymore... A toddler teacher will be out for 8 weeks due to a dog bite while a twos teacher can't lift the kids and they have to sit on her right leg if they sit in her lap due to a surgery she had after Christmas to clear some blockage in her heart. I recently found out I have a spot...a mass of cells in my right lung that the doctor claims isn't dangerous but he doesn't know why its there. Then! Another infant staff member had to put her dog to sleep, a dog which she's had for almost all her life and I'm sure we all know how hard that is. Pets are like family...sometimes they are prefered over family honestly. With all those health issues were all joking around that something is in the water... Oii...hows that for welcoming in the New Year with a bang?

Today I was in just about every room but the infant rooms (aside from walking inside the room quickly) and I spent most of my time in Preschool One, which is were the three year olds are. Now I know children can be agressive and accidents will happen...but over 10 incident reports for one room? As were trying to take care of one child another one is getting hurt. Oii...and the majority of it was centered around one child in particular. I'll be so happy when the kids get back on their normal routines again...

To top a frustrating day off... I just put on my favorite blue jeans and found a nice hole on the inside seam where the pants are comming apart. Tomorrow I'm so going to hit a fabric store and buy some pactches. For tonight I'm going to dig out some old pants and throw on my Stich t-shirt that says "Intergalatic Academy of Mischief" along with the UIC hoodie that my brother gave me for my birthday. Then its off to Daphne's for pizza and anime.

Man I need some chocolate milk.


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