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I have socks that tell me the day of the week! No more checking the calendar when I can just check my feet! It might be slightly off the usual scale of aromatherapy and I will probably where Tuesday when its actually Saturday but still - I can make this work! Of course there are the days where I might wear Thursday on one foot and Monday on the other. But they are different colors, for instance today's sock is purple with yellow 'n blue stripes on the heel and toe so hopefully this wont happen. At lest not on purpose.

In other exciting news I've managed to update here and at my LJ account all on the same day (Hello imouto!!), go me. Wish I could use my theme on my LJ over here but I can't seem to get to the code. Stinky poo. Still I updated!

I'm not positive on what to write though, I'm mostly watching my hamster (I call him Frodo) hang from his cage like a acrobat. Ary-chan gets a ninja hamster, I get the former circus star. I believe he might also have an eating issue, its scary how fast he chows down on stuff. But he doesn't bite and he and Sookie (my cat) like each other. She doesn't want to eat him but she does keep a very close eye on him. When he got out of his ball and under the fridge she's the one who came and let me know. I lured him out from under the fridge with a glowstick. Still not certain how he got out of the ball in the first place.

I will soon be getting an iPod Touch! It's like third gen or something but I don't care. My best guy friend ever, his name is Ricky, is getting the sleek new version and I get his old one. He knows where all the stuff that go with it is so I've got a charger and everything. Very awesome.

I will also be switching cell companies soon and my Aunt has already been on my case about not handling more then I can afford....ugh I wish I knew how to handle her. Show her that I'm not the worthless, unintelligent little kid that she thinks I am. Course even her own Father calls her a bully, that she isn't into things outside her little sphere of interests, which of course doesn't include me I'm as far out there as you can get.

Ugh, I went off on a tangent. Anyway my friend Daphne wants me to go with T-Mobile but all I hear is that they have bad customer service, no signal, and they bill you twice in one month. Verizon is where everyone is telling me to go but they cost a lot and will also charge me twenty cents to send and receive messages from Jackie. Hmm, no I do not like that. I've looked at US Cellular and frankly haven't found much of a downside. All incoming calls are free with that company. Might be the best thing around really. Opinions and advice are welcome!

I best dash, I need to be up early for work. Hope all is well!
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I'm exhausted.

I worked from 8am - 6:30pm two days in a row. Yes I got my hour break but I still feel forgotten by administration. But they get busy, it happens.

Being exhausted and very sore from lifting the kids all day for diapers though have weakened defenses and I apologize if I come off as rude to anyone. It's not intended.

Also fighting a strong case of "I'm the worst friend", going to combat it with sleep just like my battle with self loathing.

Tomorrow is Friday though so this is good. Got a lot of crochet work to do. Finish the baby blanket for my director, along with two bodies and a top hat for the skeletons, and I need to buy some tulle.

Anyone want to go shopping to a fabric store with me?


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