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I mentioned in my last email that my Dad was going to help my purchase my ticket because I had to deal with some other finacial stuff and could snag it until Friday. He didn't want me to miss a good deal (which I did anyway because we waited to long...the $148 went up to $193.40) so he was going to buy it at work and then I would pay him back. Well when he went to go do that this afternoon the power went out at the lab...which is very strange... So after work he went and deposited $200 cash into my bank account so I could get the ticket online myself this evening... He was also worried about what if the machine didn't give me the ticket cause he used his credit card but he's driving me to the airport so I don't understand that part of it.

Anyway... $193.40 later I have a round trip ticket to Florida. I'll be calling Jules and Justin to let them know about it just in case she can't get on the net to check my LJ cause of work but I thought I'd post it anyway. After all some of you might actually want to know when I will be gone.

I'll be taking off from O'Hare on an American Airlines flight at 9:46am on the 23rd of September and it arrives in Tampa at 1:14pm so Jules you can expect me (if things go right) around 1:15pm. I will be returning home on the 30th and my flight leaves Tampa at 2pm to return home at 3:42pm.

I have to admit I'm nervous... It'll be great to see Jules and Justin again I really miss them.. But this is a big adventure for me! I've gone on planes before, I went to Florida, New York, and Ohio but never by myself. I've been on vacations without my family.... I went to New York and Maine with my ex-fiance and Canda with Autumn... But I've never gone on a vacation all by myself. I really hope I get to see the beach.

Well I've got to call Jules and let her know about the flight. Then I've got to call Dad and let him know I got the ticket and then get my cusion Shaun's phone number to call him and let him know I'm coming to the area...he lives in Tampa and I haven't seen him in six years. Then its off to fight a nasty migrane, my pills ( a couple of midrin) are kicking in as I type, I feel like I'm flying..




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