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Ugh... I hate snow. And you know of course it would snow on the very day I get new boots but forget to throw them in the car before heading into work this morning. Double ugh. My Dad got myself and Courtney a new pair of boots for the winter since finding boots for either of us (especially me) is really difficult and I've been using the same over sized ones since high school. We got a style called Cascade Trinity from Columbia ( and their actually really comfortable. Mine are a tan color while Courtney's are pink and size 11 so they look like pink boats... Wow...a 13yr old girl in size 11 shoes. I'm 25yrs old and I wear a size 6 1/2 I can't get over the difference. And yes I know I'm weird.

Tomorrow is the work holiday party. This year it will be held at Gino's East in Orland Park. I'm mainly going for the free pizza. A double bonus is that Grant is going to try and rearrange his schedule so that he's able to come! I haven't heard back yet on if he was able to do so but with the snow and his busy work schedule at the theater I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't reach me till tomorrow.

That reminds me... A week or so ago my coat fell down in one of the closets at work and one of my coworkers stepped on it and broke my cell phone which was in the pocket. It started out as a crack at first and a broken indicator light but a day or so ago the screen separated from the keys so right now it's in two pieces. Thank goodness for insurance on the danged thing! My Dad ordered a new phone and it will be in on Monday (we hope). Until then I will be using one of my Dad's old phones that he had activated and they put my number on it. So! People can call me however I relied to much on my phonebook and never actually memorized anyones phone numbers. So um...if you usually hear from me on a daily basis and I don't call, that's why.

I'm off to go break in my new boots, enjoy some orange soda and a sugar cookie, then to work on my Dad's Christmas present. Must finish scarf by Christmas...but I'm only half way done knitting the danged thing and then I have to do the fringe and then there is the initials to put on as well...

Tis a busy season.

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