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Birthdate:Aug 25
Location:United States of America

Behind the Curtain
Is there anyway to word these things so they don’t come out sounding like a badly written personal ad? Eh, probably not. My name is Britin (I’ll also respond to Brit or Erin), I’m 28yrs old and I live in a tiny town that’s about an hour or so from Chicago. Right now I'm working as a teacher for a local KinderCare school and I absolutely LOVE it!

About Me
I happen to be a total dork, nerd, otaku, geek, *insert word here* and I adore every second of it! I love comic books (Marvel and DC along with things like Image), video games, science fiction (from Dr. Who to Farscape and a dash of Trek), anime/manga, and fantasy. I spend the majority of my time role playing online, knitting, reading, or writing and when I’m not doing that I’m with my friends, adopted family (cause when your real family sucks you make your own!) and my Godchildren. I also enjoy making new friends so if we’ve got a few things in common (or are in the same role playing game/group) please feel free to get in contact with me!

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