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I haven't had to write an introductory post in awhile, they make me a bit nervous...I always come out sounding kind of geeky like its a bad personal ad. I'm very grateful that the people in my little circle thing already know me, course if they read my journal here and the one over at livejournal they are going to get so bored of my dull live! Heh, its worse then Chinese water torture! It's a bit odd to not be running around as Britin, I've used that name since 2003, though I like this one, just need to get some more Chiaki icons.

I've got an awesome DBSK layout which I love! I wish I could find a really good profile layout but I'm not sure where to look so I'll have to do some digging. If only my graphic skills were better and I'd make my own layout. Wouldn't mind something Chiaki, Arashi, or Hiro related. Oooh Gokusen would be so awesome!

So bored yet? Sorry I don't have anything exciting to talk about, my life is really rather dull. I get up, go to work, come home, mess around on the computer and watch Japanese dramas, then go to bed to do it all over again. Thrill a minute.

So now I'm just working on getting a cool layout and thinking of something to post over at X-Men Childhood's End as you have to post three times a week and I wont be around this weekend due to ACEN.
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