Mar. 29th, 2006

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I went to the bookstore on Sunday evening after dinner with Daphne and Dawn, not really sure what I was looking for so I looked in a few sections. When I was in the manga section I picked up the newest volume of Tokyo Girls & Boys, I love that manga sooo much....I think I like it more than Hot Gimmick! I also found a manga that is really a book to teach you how to write kanji and I grabbed it to thinking that I'd get it. Then I tried to find some books on RSD but they didn't have any, which surprised me because they have books on other virtually unknown health issues... Dorks. They did have the newest Meg Cabot book though, “Avalon High”, so I was very happy to snag a copy. I love Meg Cabot!

The little manga book gave me an idea though. I made some extra money working for Dad's girlfriend over the weekend, So why not spend a little getting something to help me learn how to speak Japanese? I never did wind up with the little manga but I got a book that is titled “Japanese in 10 minutes a day”. It's set up in little lessons with stickers, flash cards, quizes, and word puzzles like crosswords to help you study. Right now I'm working on things around the house like the telephone, curtian, and chair as well as reviewing the key question words. There are also three words, kono, sono, and ano, which I'm trying to memorize which goes with which meaning.

Keep your fingers crossed y'all. So far I've been able to go to work and point out to the kids that the chair their sitting in is 'isu' (according to the book) and I learned that word last night. I guess it helps to repeat it every time you see the sticker.

Ah well, that was my interesting Sunday night. I better get to bed, gotta work at 8am tomorrow!

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