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I've been a comic book fan for years, I originally got hooked on them cause I had a major case of hero worship with my cousin Perry... I was such a dork. Never mind...I'm still a dork! Lately though I've been getting a bit ticked at Marvel and DC because they keep screwing around with my favorite teams.

First it was Generation X when they brought in all those baseline students and killed of Synch. The whole thing with Monet I could deal with, it was kind of interesting, but I really didn't like Emma's sister... Ugh.

After that they screwed around with Young Justice and the Teen Titans and did this whole “Graduation Day” thing. I'll admit that I never really liked Cissie and Empress got on my nerves but I adored Impulse...a character who loves pushing buttons as much as I just can't get better then that! And while I like having Kid Flash, Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Robin all part of the new Teen Titans I was upset to see YJ end. Not as upset as I was when they killed of Spoiler though...I loved Steph's relationship with Tim!

I'm not even going to get into the whole “House of M” stuff... Oii... It was the first time I ever wanted to strangle a comic character. I was a little flabbergasted that Marvel would blow up an entire bus full of children, even if they had been mutants originally. Then to have Jay's wings cut off on top of all that and make Sam feel so sad...I just wanted to hug both of them!

Gah...enough rambling, I'm not making sense to anyone but myself am I? Besides I'm not even sure anyone else who reads my journal even reads comics. I was just planning on writing a little bit about the new YA issue and I just wind up rambling...

I LOVE Young Avengers! I've only got a few problems with the entire thing. The first is that Marvel has plans to make it bi-monthly, it's already difficult enough to wait for the next month's after the entire Civil War thing I'm going to have wait two months before the next issue? Grr...argh... Also! It took way to long to get #11 in stores. The guy who runs the store I go to said it was several weeks behind. that I have it in my hot little hands here is my poor excuse at review. Naturally its behind a cut because its the brand new issue.

Despite the fact that Teddy's background, as well as Billy and Tommy's had been known for ages I really liked the way they played it out in the issue. Though I don't think I would have been as accepting as Billy or Teddy when if I'd found out the people I'd been calling Mom and Dad weren't really my parents. Granted they had to deal with the fact that the Kree and the Skrull were after them but still I would have liked to have seen a bit more...well shock.

I also really liked the dialog between Billy and Teddy, especially when their jumping out of the Kree ship to get the Kree and Skrull armies to stop shotting at each other. Nothing like a little lovers quarrel in the middle of battle ne? And poor Teddy, by the end of the issue he was left with only his pants and even they were in tatters. :: giggles ::

I loved the art work! Especially the full page picture towards the very end of the book that has Iron Man, Spider-Woman, and some blond guy I don't know showing up to help the kids out. I so wish my scanner was working so that I could have that as my desktop. I also really liked the two page picture at the very end where Eli is in Capitan America's arms and just about everyone is fighting and its utter chaos...

My favorite parts were of course any scene between Teddy and Billy, followed closely with the banter between Eli, Kate, and Tommy. Cassie has yet to grow on my and she didn't seem to play to big of a part in this issue, except in the beginning when she got really big and held one of the Kree soldiers upside down, that was funny. My least favorite part was the gunning down of Eli though I was impressed that he dove in front of Capitan America despite all the anger he seemed to show toward the older hero in the earlier issues.

Also I couldn't resist posting a few of my favorite lines.

Kate, and Wiccan are trying to figure out what to do with the Kree soldiers and Tommy has a suggestion.

Tommy: Can I make a suggestion?
Kate: You're not vaporizing them, Tommy.
Tommy: Damn.

Wolverine always seems to have the best lines. I love his sarcasm when dealing with the Kree Captian.

Capitan Av-Rom: Make no mistake, if the boy is not immediately released into Kree Custody, we will be forced to take military action against this planet.
Wolverine: All eight of you?
Captain Av-Rom: Even now a Kree battle cruiser is entering the Earth's atmosphere, ready to strike at our command.
Skrull Army Man #1: As is the Skrull Armada.
Wolverine: I smell bluffing.

:: giggles ::

Enough of my ramblings. I'm off to mangle the motorcycle riders who frequent the bar next door. Why they feel it is important to rev their engines and create massive amounts of smoke at 11:15pm is beyond me. The people who cheer them on are just as annoying...

:: grumble ::



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