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It’s been ages since I’ve written a real entry. Anyone miss me? I was out of it for awhile due to a rather severe flare up of my RSD, it was the worst one I’ve had since I was first diagnosed almost eleven years ago and I was tempted to ask Dad to take me to the hospital since I couldn’t stand or walk or really even move by myself. But what are they going to do except pump me full of pain meds? I try to only take pain medication for my migraines and do physical therapy and other non-med routes for my RSD. I feel I put enough toxicants into my body…I don’t need to add to it.

Anywho…enough rambling… This entry is mostly for [ profile] autumnal_hedge since I really want to see what she thinks (aside from the fact that I’m nutters since we all know that already) but mostly cause it took place at her house… Well kind of.

I had the strangest dream last night…perhaps you might actually classify it as a nightmare since in the dream I remember being very nervous and towards the end when I was half awake half asleep around the end of the dream I remember feeling quite afraid.

It all started in Aut’s house, I was visiting for some reason or other and we were downstairs on her floor sitting on the big comfy loveseat and talking. I don’t know why but I decided I had to go downstairs into the basement and I went alone. When I was down there something small but invisible started throwing things at me like clothes and hampers. Eventually I said something to it and became visible in the form of a scared little boy somewhere between the ages of 2-3yrs old.

I somehow knew he was a ghost but once he was visible he looked like a normal human. You couldn’t see through him and he didn’t look like the ones from the Harry Potter movies or the Unsolved Mysteries shows, but the area around him was cold and my hands went right through him. I never got his name but he was sad, lonely, and angry, so we talked and played for awhile and then we went upstairs.

But! The upstairs had turned into a weird combination of Aut’s house, a convience store and a cafeteria at an elementary school. Autumn was gone and in her place was someone who looked like a combo of Aut and Paige from Charmed. For some reason she was now the manager of this strange mess hall like place.

So were sitting on those long tables all cafeteria and the front door is this big sliding and all of a sudden tons of people walk through the door so immediately I know that they are ghosts but that they don’t mean me any harm. They start wandering around the store area and several of them sit down beside me include a very pretty brunette woman who sits next to me with a young man who looks a little like my physical therapist combined with Spock who sits across from me.

We start talking and I’ve got a notebook with me that they write things in so that I can have evidence and I get autographs and I learn their names. The little boy is running around being a kid and the other ghosts are all talking and laughing, it’s a sad but also fun atmosphere. But at the same time I’m rather nervous because I’ve never been around so many ghosts before.

I learn that the house has a history behind it. That the little boy was killed by abusive parents and that the brunette woman was murdered in the house as well. I also learn that for some reason ghosts and spirits went to the “store” a lot.

After awhile they all leave and I’m talking with the owner and wandering around the store when this group of teenage girls come stumbling through the glass door. They are all wearing tie-dye shirts and their bodies are bruised, scratched, and bloody. But I can tell that they were pretty girls when they were alive and somehow I knew that they were cheerleaders. That’s when it comes to our attention (mine and the Autumn/Paige combo) that there was a bus accident and the cheerleading team on the bus was killed instantly in the resulting fire.

The girls start getting angry, especially the leader of the pack whose this vicious looking blonde girl. She starts to get in my face when I try to explain to her that she’s dead and the other girls start to steal things off the shelves. That’s when the Autumn/Paige combo sets off the sprinkler system and they burst into flames and disappear.

That’s when I’m kind of half awake/half asleep and suddenly I’m with the adult version of a friend/first guy I ever liked from first grade who moved away right before the start of second grade. Were running through the streets of a rundown down that reminds me of 1900’s Manhattan and we have a few ghosts who are running with us. They need help and were doing our best to help them but there’s this strange massive black thing in front of us who’s attacking all the ghosts and in my head I understand that this is what was in Autumn’s house. Some how this is what had been causing all those people who had been abused to die.

Then my phone alarm goes off and I wake up to the Goof Troop theme at 6:35am and I find myself a little afraid to open my eyes and climb down the ladder to get ready for work. Like this strange dark mass has followed me and is waiting to hurt me.

So… Any ideas? I’m curious to see if this is somehow got some hidden meanings behind it that are related to the research I’m doing on Wicca and various other religions. Last time I was at the metaphysical bookstore I had an angel reading done and they also did some Reikka(sp?) as well saying that my depression was a large mass of blackness behind my head and that they were spreading it out all over my body. You know actually the day after they did this my RSD flared up. Strange world… But the woman who did my angel reading told me she thinks I’m psychic and that I just have to work on focusing it…

Anyway… I’d love to hear what y’all think of the dream!


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